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Gospel for Koya People

koya woman

Did you know that there are over 4,000 unreached people groups in the world and over half of them are in India? In our latest trip, God brought us face to face with one of these groups, the KOYA.

The KOYA people are a largely unreached people group in the mountains of Andhra Pradesh. The people we visited had no running water, toilets, electricity, or phones. Their livestock wandered about the village. There was one central stove; many children and adults were cold, without enough blankets and clothes.

Their homes were made of wood, thatch, and mud, built without windows. The Koya do not believe in heaven, hell, or reincarnation. When someone dies, his or her spirit lingers about the ancestor pot, patrols the sky over the village, or wanders about the village interfering with daily life, sometimes benevolently.”

Help share the Gospel by providing blankets, sweaters and fresh water to increase the life span of these people who are created in the image of God..

Bibles for the Kurds

KurdThe Kurds are the largest ethnic group without a nation to call their own. They are considered as the outcasts of society; they have little wealth or schooling. Today most Kurds are Muslims. Less than 1 in 100 claim to be followers of our Lord Jesus Christ. An estimated 15 million Kurds who live in Turkey do not have access to a Bible in their Kumanji dialect.

Translation is underway for the development of the Kurdish Old Testament. This book will supplement the Kurdish New Testament completed in 2005 and the Kurdish New Testament with the Book of Psalms finished in 2009. An audio recording of the New Testament will be an effective tool since many Kurds cannot read or write in their language. The Campus Crusade for Christ team in Turkey has agreed to distribute the book/CD package throughout the country. Reading and listening at the same time will help them to learn their mother tongue.

While the cost of one Kurdish New Testament is $3.90, the price drops to $3.18 per copy if 10,000 copies are printed. An accompanying CD is $1.18 per copy for a total of $4.36 for each hardcover set. Please join us in supporting these brothers and sisters in Christ.

The Indian Family Channel

women watching tvTelevision (TV) has become a dominant medium of communication globally. In fact, India has the third largest TV households, second to only China and the US. Approximately half of all Indian households own a television. It is very much integrated into their daily lives and has the power to influence their culture and moral values.

TV enables viewers to be ministered to in the privacy of their homes in parts of India where the Gospel is strictly censored or forbidden. Unlike the US, cable is accessible to even low income families; cost of subscription for 150 channels is about $3.00 per month.

Since 2012, we have been working to obtain a license to start a Family Christian Channel. I am delighted to report that as of April 1, 2014, we have been authorized to launch the Indian Family Christian Channel. We will initially reach 1.2 million people living in one of the major cities in the state of Andhra Pradesh. Our end goal is to reach the entire country of India with the good news of Jesus Christ.

We are in the process of purchasing the equipment to set up the television studio. We need video cameras, a switcher, control units and other production equipment to begin the process. The cost associated with this project is $40,000. Please consider sponsoring this project as we rely on the generous donations of people like you who are committed to brining the good news of Jesus to the world.

Sponsor an Evangelistic Crusade

Evangelistic Crusade in IndiaNations for Jesus is committed to take the gospel of Jesus Christ to all nations, seeking to do so with urgency, and using the most culturally applicable presentations. We are further committed to provide a ministry of discipleship for each new believer, working in partnership with like-minded ministries who desire to accomplish the same mission.

Nations for Jesus directly supports numerous evangelistic activities including open-air crusades, film evangelism, street evangelism, and Hope Centers.

NFJ incorporates evangelism into humanitarian work by working with local churches in crisis areas, sharing the Gospel with those who receive food, shelter, medicine in the name of Christ.

We invite you to pray with us to invest financially to bring light to the nations in Africa and Asia. It costs a mere $1 to present the Gospel face-to-face and help change a life forever! That means a gift of $50 will communicate the Good News 50 people. $15,000 will sponsor an entire crusade for thousands of people.

Sponsor an Orphaned Child

Indian Orphan GirlThere are hundreds of boys and girls waiting for someone to love and care for them. Many of these children come into Hope Centers as Hindus and Muslims. We raise them up in the ways of God and they in turn become Christians, missionaries, pastors and professionals.

For $30 a month you can sponsor a child. Your gift can make the difference between life and death for some children. What an eternal investment to make in the life of a child! When you adopt a child, Nations for Jesus will send you the complete biography of a child. You can pray for that child and receive updates from time to time.

Build a Hope Center

Children in an NFJ Hope CenterChildren have become victims of poverty, abuse, war, child labor, and disease. An overwhelming number of children are abandoned, orphaned, abused and live on streets. The global orphan crisis caused by AIDS is set to get worse as infection rates in adults increase according to a major report from UNAIDS. The current HIV crisis orphans more than 35,000 children every single day, literally creating a worldwide epidemic of homelessness and abandoned children.

Nothing is more heart breaking than the thought of children with no one to care for them. There are now over 143 million orphaned or abandoned children in the world today.

Burdened by this knowledge and need, Nations for Jesus offers a dynamic approach to confront the orphan problem through establishing church based Hope Centers. Hope centers are established to deliver children from economic, physical, social and spiritual poverty, enabling them to become model citizens.

Hope Centers provide children with residential care, health care, counseling, spiritual development, educational and vocational training.

When a Hope Center is constructed, it then becomes a catalyst for the local church to share God's love and compassion with the community, city or region. The Hope Center becomes the hub of Hope in the area, with various outreach activities radiate from the center to the community.

Help make new Hope Center possible with a gift of $100 or more to fund construction, equipment, and furnishings.

Your gift of $1,000 or more will provide the cornerstone funding for construction of a Hope Center.

Your gift of $25,000 will build a new Hope Center that can accommodate fifty orphaned children.

Sponsor a Widow

Widows in IndiaNations for Jesus is dedicated to fulfilling the mandate recorded in James 1:27. In many Asian countries, from conception to death, women suffer in uncountable ways. Many families blame the untimely death of a husband to the misfortune of the woman. In many cases, upon the death of their husbands, they loose social standing in society and are ultimately forced to beg for their survival.

Nations for Jesus responded to the need by inaugurating a home for widows and providing monthly financial support. For $20 a month, you can sponsor one of the widows.

Sponsor a Native Missionary

Pastor and His FamilyWe believe the countries that have closed their doors to foreign missionaries can only be reached by native missionaries. Asian and African churches give their tithes and offerings, but the economy of these countries is not stable. Your sponsorship will help pastors to focus entirely on their ministry.

Nations for Jesus is looking sponsorship for native missionaries living in the 10/40 window. Be a partner with Nations for Jesus by adopting one of the missionaries. For each missionary you adopt, we will send you the profile and picture for your information and prayer support. Please pray about whether you, your family, home fellowship or church could help support one or more of these native missionaries with a gift of $100 per month.

Sponsor a Mission Trip

Men at a Bible InstituteNations for Jesus works to create missions awareness within the body of Christ. The God of the Bible is not a tribal deity. He is the God of all nations. With this in mind, NFJ organizes short-term mission trips to allow believers to participate in God’s work of salvation among the nations.

Short-term mission trips range from one week to up to six months. The ministry opportunities include evangelistic outreaches, pastoral training, leadership training, children’s ministry, youth ministry, literature distribution, and caring for the underprivileged.

On average, a donation of $2500 allows an individual to participate in a two week mission trip.


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