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“Dr. Ratna Sajja has not only the passion but also a plan to reach the world for Christ. I recommend Nations for Jesus to every individual, church, or organization to maximize investment in evangelistic outreach, church planting, and aid for children.”

James Flanagan, Ph.D.
Luther Rice Seminary and University

“I have known Dr. Ratna Sajja since 1992. I believe he is an authentic Christian minister. He seeks God and carefully stewards his ministry. I count my life and the life of my family decidedly, even eternally richer, for knowing Ratna and his family. We have been equipped and greatly encouraged to live a more healthy and prosperous life in Christ. I can attest to his integrity and highly recommend his ministry.”

Eric R. Ressler, M.B.A.
Ressler Management Outsourcing
GA, U.S.A.

“Nations for Jesus is an organization that is seeking to proclaim the Name and the Love of Jesus to those in Africa and India who have never heard or experienced Jesus. They work in practical ways to uphold the name of Christ in hurting places.

Take a look and I’m sure you’ll agree that Nations for Jesus is a good place as an individual or a family to make a strategic investment in Jesus name.”

Lauren Libby
TWR International

“I have known Dr. Ratna Sajja since 2006. We have worked together to distribute God’s Word. In addition, during time we spent together in India, I personally witnessed Dr. Sajja's passion to reach the lost for Christ and his deep concern for orphans. I appreciate his integrity as well as his strong Christian character. Therefore, it is my pleasure to fully endorse Dr. Sajja and the ministry he leads, Nations for Jesus. I encourage you to carefully consider how you might become involved in this genuine ministry of God, co-laboring to share His love, to help those most in need, and to carry out the Great Commission.”

Charles Cibene, CEO
FL, U.S.A.

“It has been my privilege to know Ratna Sajja for nearly 20 years. Our ministry partnered with him when he was pursuing his education and we have enjoyed his ministry and seen the powerful effect of God's hand on his life. Nations for Jesus, the ministry that Ratna leads, is focused on taking God's Word to the least reached and most needy. It is worthy of support and partnership. I value the privilege that I have had recently to network with Ratna as he has helped our ministry connect with a key connection for the mission work with which our own mission is involved. Ratna and Nations for Jesus are passionate for the advance of God's Kingdom and I am privileged to endorse this ministry.”

David Parish, President
World Missions and Evangelism, Inc.
KY, U.S.A.

“I have known Dr. Ratna Sajja for many years and can testify to his commitment to the Gospel. He is hard working, diligent, loyal and extremely perceptive. He is a humble man who has been blessed with many gifts. His dedication to world mission is rare and his abilities have been honed by the various roles and experiences the Lord has led him into. A few moments in his company will ignite your heart to what can be achieved in the purpose of God. Such ongoing enthusiasm for what can be achieved as we follow the Holy Spirit's leading is priceless.

He is a man with a clear vision and a strategic ministry and I commend him to you.”

Peter Kerridge, CEO
Premier Media Group
United Kingdom

“I would like to take this opportunity to recommend Nations for Jesus. It has been our pleasure to work with Dr. Ratna Sajja nationally and internationally. We highly recommend this ministry to you. Dr.  Sajja’s international ministry has given him a platform for a very dynamic gospel presentation. I strongly support this ministry and pray God's continued blessings upon it.”

Dr. Randy Kennedy, President
Randy Kennedy Ministries
GA, U.S.A.

“I have known Ratna Sajja for several years and I travelled with him to India. It is with great joy that I endorse Ratna and his organization Nations for Jesus. Ratna is a true follower of Jesus Christ and is dedicated to reach the Nations for Christ. Please support the ministry.”

Dolf van de Vegte
The Netherlands

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